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Active Plugins

Dec 29, 2010

Selective Loading
Version: 0.1 beta, By Magnus Aberg
Admin Bar ID Menu
Version: 1.0, By Eric Celeste
Admin Post Navigation
Version: 1.9.2, By Scott Reilly
Version: 3.1.6, By Automattic
List Installed Plugins
Version: 1.5.1, By Stephen Ingram
Version: 1.3.4, By Phillip Lord, Simon Cockell, Paul Schreiber
Plugin Central
Version: 2.5.1, By Vladimir Prelovac
Plugin Organizer
Version: 6.0.4, By Jeff Sterup
Quotmarks Replacer
Version: 2.6.12, By Tunghsiao Liu
Fix Image Margins
Version: 1.0.2, By Justin Adie
Table of Contents Creator
Version:, By Mark Beljaars
TFO Graphviz
Version: 1.14, By Chris Luke
User Control
Version: 2.1.0, By Surendhar Rajahram
Version: 0.7, By Norman Stanke
WP Statistics
Version: 9.6.6, By Mostafa Soufi & Greg Ross
Version: 2.85, By Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan
Google XML Sitemaps
Version: 4.0.8, By Arne Brachhold
Simple Link
Version: 0.0.8, By Awaken
SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
Version: 3.1.7, By Viper007Bond
Wp-Syntax Hacktify
Version: 1.0, By Nathan Vonnahme
Version: 0.8.0, By Max Pagels
Who is Online
Version: 0.1.5, By Peter McDonald
Syntax Highlighting Editor
Version: 1.0, By ZetRider
WP-Syntax Editor Integration Plugin
Version: 0.2, By Markus Effinger
Custom Post Templates
Version: 1.5, By Simon Wheatley
Page Template Inventory
Version: 0.2, By mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)
Enable RAW HTML - Disable Corruption
Version: 0.3, By Thomas (netAction) Schmidt
Version: 1.4.15, By Janis Elsts
Improving Caption
Version: 0.1, By Luis Alberto Ochoa Esparza
Version: 4.2, By webvitaly
Version: 1.0, By Steven A. Zahm
Subpage View
Version: 1.0.0, By Henrik Urlund
Post and Categories index generator
Version: 0.2.0, By Marco Constâncio
Version: 3.4, By Aakash Chakravarthy
WP Archive-Sitemap Generator
Version: 4.7.1, By iCrunchies
WP Fast Sort Tags
Version: 1.0, By Telecom Bretagne
PHP Shortcode
Version: 1.3, By Godfrey Chan
SimpleModal Login
Version: 1.1, By Noah Cinquini
Simple Admin Notes
Version: 1.4.0, By Wycks
Simple Rich Text Widget
Version: 1.1, By Keith P. Graham
Excel to Table
Version: 1.4, By Miro Barsocchi
Version: 2.0, By DHTMLX LTD
Version: 1.1.1, By Dan Phiffer
WordPress Pastebin
Version:, By Nicolas Kuttler
Version: 0.1, By Chris Smith
Stealth Update
Version: 2.4.3, By Scott Reilly
Version: 1.3, By Agnel Waghela
Portfolio Grid
Version: 1.2.1, By David Register
Google Analyticator
Version:, By SumoMe
Shortcode Exec PHP
Version: 1.52, By Marcel Bokhorst
Vault Docs
Version: 0.9.2, By yu-ji
Version: 1.1, By Markus Müller
Version: 1.1, By Josh Davis
Preserved HTML Editor Markup
Version: 1.5, By Marcus E. Pope, marcuspope
YUI Widgets Plugin
Version: Beta 0.0.0, By Serge Karalli
Version: 1.0.3, By Martin Hawksey
Version:, By Ruhani Rabin
Version: 0.3, By Core Volunteers
Coffee Admin Theme
Version: 1.4.1, By Michael Gunner
Tea Theme Options
Version:, By Achraf Chouk
Feed Template Customize
Version: 1.0.1, By wokamoto
Disable Theme Updates
Version: 0.6, By Websiteguy
Block Specific Plugin Updates
Version: 2.1, By Dinesh Karki
Advanced WPMU Plugin Manager
Version: 1.0, By Anand Thakkar
Mass Disable Users
Version: 0.1, By J. Aaron Eaton
Disable Plugins
Version: 1.0.1, By digital-telepathy
Capability Manager
Version: 1.3.2, By Jordi Canals
Category Checklist Tree
Version: 1.3.2, By scribu
Exclude Pages from Navigation
Version: 1.92, By Simon Wheatley
My Page Order
Version: 3.3.2, By Andrew Charlton
Permalink Editor
Version: 0.2.12, By Fubra Limited
WP Code Editor Plus
Version: 3.2.2, By RingZer0
Page Management Dropdown
Version: 2.7, By Jascha Ephraim
Version: 0.9.3, By Sergio Andreozzi
Version: 1.3, By Jaco Theron
Post Snippets
Version: 2.3.7, By Johan Steen
WordPress Admin Notepad
Version: 1.2.4, By Zen