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Christian Marks provides a Bash script to supplement Latex2WP by Luca Trevisan. The output of Latex2WP is now on your clipboard. All there's left to do is paste it in your post.

Linux users will need xclip to copy the html output to the X clipboard.

I place the latex file and the bash script, which I called bl2wp for bash latex to wordpress in a folder with the Latex2WP files. If my folder is called my_files and my latex file is called article.tex, I run

~$ ./bl2wp article

The bash script will launch latex2wp.py from the my_files folder. If all goes well (no errors), Latex2WP creates article.html in my Latex2WP folder, and the bash script will return the following message on my terminal (below my bl2wp command):

~$ ./bl2wp article
Copy to WordPress with ctrl-a ctrl-v

For an example of the Latex that you can put on the web, checkout my previous post


Feb 5, 2011 by Serge Karalli

Look at the document source to see how to strike out text, how to use different colors.

There is a command which is ignored by pdflatex and which defines where to cut the post in the version displayed on the main page